The classic car calender is there.

In form of a classic car radiator this calender is individually handmade in small numbers of items.


The calender frame consists of

- a frame with inserts for the calender pictures and the monthly calender parts

  as available material you have the choice in: 

  - weather resistant and painted wood (clear lacquer or other color if available)

- in minimum 12 glossy calender pictures in DIN-A4 portrait

  you can have currently

  - 12 different Austin pictures or pictures from the Drive & Swing event.

  - 12 different detail pictures of classic car parts like speedometer, lamps etc.

You can combine these pictures on your own interest or if you like we can make some pictures from your own classic car especially for your personal calender.

- 12 monthly calender for one year Jahr or for a 12 months if you order during the current year.

The concept of this calender is, to buy only 1 time the complete package incl. the frame and in the next years you need only replace the pictures and the monthly calenders..

If your are interested in such a calender, please send an e-Mail to:

calender (please no spam) @ (please no spam)

with your concrete wish (material / frame color, which pictures (a selection or your own or a mix of both), maybe a personal decication on the frame or a classic car sign (if not affecting rights).

If you like to make your individual collection of pictures please select from the overview slides  (for details) or (for Austins) and add this to your mail.

The price is 49,95 Euro (incl. Tax) plus postage of (7 Euro inside Germany or 17 Euro inside EU).

After the mail is received i will get in touch with you and send you an order confirmation.

Please don't forget to send your complete address and phone number for a reply.

In 2017 we have again a classic car tour to our club member in UK.

After our trip in 2015 to the Golden Jubilee Weekend in the south of England where we had a very warm welcome, the target of the new trip for 2017 is the Isle of Wight.


But will stay for 7 days in may at the Isle of Wight with Highlights like visiting the Beaulieu Spring Juble and meeting some other ATDC club member..

Who like to come with us is very welcome. 

If you are interested to join, please send a Mail to tour2017 (please no spam) @ (please no spam) and tell what we can do for you. As soon as possible we will get in contact with you for discussing all open questions.

Please don't forget to send your complete address and phone number for a reply.

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Regulars' table / Garage get-together

In an informal round members of ATDC and owners of British classic cars (pre-war to 60s) come together for having petrol and small talks.

Those who enjoy British vintage cars, whether he calls his own private vehicle or just would like to share a ride sometimes, is invited to talk about car specific topics or other topics.


We meet 1-2 times per month in each case on a Friday from 19:00 (with open end).

Meeting location:
Hotel and Gasthof zur Krone, D-86441 Zusmarshausen, Augsburgerstr. 9 

Feel free to drop by unannounced and easy to join. Because of always have enough space, it would be nice if you just briefly announce your coming to me by phone on +49 176 23 731 759.


The next scheduled date are:


Hotel und Gasthof zur Krone

June 2019

Freitag07.06.2019ab 19:00

July 2019

Friday12.07.2019ab 19:00

August 2019

Friday09.08.2019ab 19:00

September 2019

Friday06.09.2019ab 19:00

October 2019

Friday11.10.2019ab 19:00

November 2019

Friday08.11.2019ab 19:00

December 2019

Friday06.12.2019ab 19:00


Any questions, just give me a call.

With petrol rich greeting

Michael Franzkowiak