Kirchberg market place

Eurotour Austin 7 friends 2017 – market place car presentation

Saturday morning before breakfast the Morris is downloaded from the trailer and he is ready to join the corso of Austin 7 through Kirchberg.

During breakfast i get the information that Richard has solved his probem and that he is on the way to Kirchberg. At 9:30 we arrange the classic cars so that we are ready to start at 10 to 10.

It’s really nice if 40 small Austin 7 and 1 Morris driving through the streets of Kirchberg, blocking all other traffic. But i think everyone enjoyed this interruption.

After 15 minutes of stop and go we reached the market place where all car were presented. Als Austins found a place and a lot of people could see what nice juwels come the long way from UK to Kirchberg.

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