Terms of usage

1. Introduction, Scope

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de has Internet services that enable individuals and businesses to use functions like discussion forums or blogs and/or link advertising blocks to external offers.

With the use of internet services from oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de visitors and registered users (called “User”) agree to the Terms of Use formulated here. All users indicate your acceptance by confirmation of knowledge and consent to the terms of use / Terms already under partial use of a website. A partial use of a website exists as soon as it is called in a stationary or mobile Internet browser.

Contractual supplements on the use of specific services for which registration (currently not available) is required at oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de shall be effective as soon as the user has successfully logged on oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de. A successful application is made with the formulation of a corresponding confirmation on the website of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de or by e-mail.

If user do not agree to the terms and conditions, you must not use any features of the site. If user you do not agree with parts of these Terms and yet make use of services / features of the site, you waive any legal accountability of those responsible within the meaning of the applicable statutory provisions.

Different conditions of the user that are in conflict with these terms and conditions, will not in any case be considered unless oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.deagrees to this in writing.

As part of any contractual relationship with oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de these General Terms are valid, even if it is in the use of other, eg. chargeable services, and is not once referred to it separately.

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de is entitled to engage third parties to provide parts or the whole spectrum. In this case, the present Terms are valid too.

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Users will be informed of any changes to existing contracts by e-mail. The contracting parties shall be granted a right of termination for a period of 6 weeks after notification of the modified Terms of Use. After this period shall continue the contract on the basis of the new Terms of Use.

2. Scope of services

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de operates a web portal which gives user the possibility to build up friendships and contacs to other classic car friends.

3. Prices and Payment

(If there are any paid services)

For placement of banners an advertiser must be a ask oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de for a written, individual offer (incl. VAT).

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de basically publish no price lists on this site and does not allow publishing of commercial advertising blocks of any kind without a written order confirmation.

Violations will result in immediate deletion of your user account and further legal actions.

4. Data Usage and Privacy Policy

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de observed in principle the actual data protection legislation. In compliance with these statutory provisions, the collection and use of data is as follows:

The user agrees with the below regulations on the use of their personal information by signing up  (currently not available) oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de.

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de collects, uses and analyzes the user’s personal information in different ways on different parts of this websites as well as possibly on additional own services or services provided by partners for allow the work of this internet service and give the user a most efficient service.

This information is generated by user imput as well as the usage on the offered functions. The user agrees that his personal data will be stored in electronic form.

In Particular oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de has the right, to forward Pseudonyms of users with their agreement to other member, which makes it possible to exchange messages between users. The Pseudonyms  will never reveal the identity of the user. (Name, Address, Phone number, mail address).

if an interested party use the services of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de zugreift, his data will be stored in an anonymous way with the help of a cookie. These cookies do not contain personal data, but will be used exclusively for maintaining the functions of this website and will be deleted autimatically after 30 days.

To prevent abuse and for fraud orevention oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de has the right to store the IP-address of users which are using this service.

5. Liability

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de accepts no responsibility or liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided informationen as well as for the possible misuse of information..

We accept no responsibility (is in principle specifically excluded) for any commercial, physical or immaterial damages which arise or may arise from the use or non-use of internet services of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de. All offers are not-binding and also without obligation respect. oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de strives at all times, to ensure proper operation of the services but however cannot guarantee the continuous usability and accessibility of the service. A liability for technically transmission delays or failures is excluded.

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de reserves the right to change, delete or modify parts of the website or the whole site without special announcement or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de is not liable for the unauthorized acquisition of personal user data by third parties (e.g. by an unauthorized third party access). oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de is not required to check user content, data and image files, text content or something else, but however reserves the right to review and amendment or deletion of content – e.g.if it demonstrates the existence of incorrect data.

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de is not liable for any direct or indirect references to other websites (“Hyperlinks”) which lie outside the responsibility of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de liegen. If oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de become aware that a reference exist to a website with illegal content, oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de will take all reasonable measures to remove the corresponding link. Purely as a precaution oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de distances itself of content of linked pages. This applies to all inks and references within the internet offer of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de as well as for foreign entries, content, discussion forums, blogs, mailing lists and so on.

6. Obligations of the User

The user itself is responsible for any legally required business licenses.

With his registration  (currently not available) the user declares to be of legal age with respect to oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de.

For the contents of his application and thus for the information he provides about himself, the user is solely responsible and he assure that the data given by him are true. Wtih the registration at oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de the user assure that will use oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de only for private, non commercial aspects and will deal with information confidential principally entrusted to him by other members and will not use it for commercial purposes.

The user agrees to hold oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de free from any kind of costs, claims, damages, losses or other claims that may result from its registration or participation in services of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de.

The User agrees to indemnify recovered oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de from any liability and against all liabilities, expenses and claims arising out of damages for libel, defamation, violation of personal rights, because of the unavailability of services to other members, for infringement of intellectual property or other rights

The indemnification obligation also applies to the costs that are necessary to avert such claims.

The user is obliged to treat e-mails and other messages confidentially and do not make these available to third parties without the express prior consent of the sender. This is especially true for names, telephone and fax numbers, address data, e-mail addresses and URL’s.

In addition, the user undertakes not to misuse services of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de, in particular:

– to spread no defamatory, offensive or illegal material or information in any other way. In particular, this applies to pornographic, racist, ethnically offensive or comparable – even obscene – content

– harass or threaten other users or violate the rights (including moral rights) of third parties

– import no data in the system containing a computer virus (infected software) or software or other material, which is protected by copyright, unless the user himself has the rights to it, the necessary approvals for this and any property damage.

– can be used in a manner that negatively affects or affect the availability of offers for other users of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de.

– intercept any e-mails of other users and this is also not to try.

– to send any serial / chain letters

Important: Failure to comply with the obligations may lead to the immediate deletion of your user account, as well as can have civil and criminal penalties for the user. In particular oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de reserves the right to exclude users, which spread immoral, politically-radical or obscene content or photos on oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de.

If a user uses the data entrusted to third parties for commercial purposes and/or combined business interest with his registration, he undertakes to pay to the operators a penalty in the amount of EUR 10,000.00 for each proven, culpable violation. Further damage claims remain unaffected.

7. Copyright

oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de is committed to protect copyright rights of others in all Internet services. Therefore oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de aalso claims all copyrights for any material created contents of its web pages. A reproduction or use of content of any kind is permitted only with the written consent of oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de gestattet.

8. Jurisdiction, severability clause

For the present Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use and any other agreements between the parties (users) with oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de is exclusively German law.

If any provision of these terms in whole or in part are invalid or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. If any provision of this contract in whole or in part, be invalid or lose their effectiveness at a later date, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the parties by a valid one which corresponds to the economic purpose of the invalid provision as far as possible. The same applies to any contractual loopholes.


The user can withdraw his agreement to the conclusion of the contract (for use of paid services) within two weeks without giving reasons in writing to oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de by sending an e-mail.

The period begins with acknowledgment of this instruction. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation.

With an effective revocation, the benefits received by each party shall return to each other. Already received reimbursable services are provided to the user account.

The right of withdrawal of the member expires prematurely, if oldtimer-classic(s)-schwaben.de, british-classic(s)-schwaben.de has begun with the performance of paid services with the express consent of the member before the end of the revocation period or the user causes the chargeable services e.g. by sending a mail.