Eurotour Austin 7 friends 2017 – Visit in Kirchberg

Richard and Jane, we met them already during our trip in May to the Isle of Wight, are on the road with their Austin 7 friends since 1 week. They drove more then 1500 Km with a group of 40 Austin 7 from their start in Dover and reach now the return point in Kirchberg in Tirol before the drive back for another week.

We put the Morris on the trailer for meet them for a weekend.

After nearly 4 hours we reached Kirchberg at 17:30 and we could see a couple of Austin 7 still arrived. Bur we could not see Richards Austin 12. After some talks with other Austin 7 driver we had the information that  Richards Austin had a breakdown and need to be repaired at the Sudelfeld in the bavarian Alps. A broken cylinder head gasket was the reason for this trouble.

We are a little it sad to welcome them tomorrow but with such a collection of wonderful Austin 7 it was a nice evening.

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