Spring Opening

1. Drive & Swing and ATDC classic car meeting at the Landgasthof Rücklenmühle

Together with some member of the ATDC (Central European Group) we opened the new season on 30.April with our first Drive & Swing meeting for this year.

One day earlier Thorsten and Gislinde arrived from Thüringen with her Austin 10 on the trailer and we had a nice evening sitting togehter and talking about our special interest.


Early in the morning i had to wake up for doing the preparation for the meeting this day. The signs which lead to the location need to be placed along the road and the parking area need to prepared too.

if done i had to check if the Weißwurst and Brezn are ready to eat. Everything was well done. The morning was a little bit cold but the sun at the horizon was ready to warm me up and proposed a nice sunny day. Best condtions for this event.


Some ATDC member declined their coming for reason like snow in the bavarian south (we had snow too 2 days before but my order for sunshine and warm tempratures was confirmed) or sickness. But if they don’t come today they will come the next time. The promised to com to the “Big Summer Event” mid of August. And there we will have a bigger collection of Austin cars.


At 9 o clock this morning the first classic cars arrived. Thorsten was ready to start and after unloading his Austin (who currently doesn’t has a name) he entered the parking zone too.

After a warm welcome we decided to taste the Weißwurst and Brezn in the wonderful “Landgasthof Rücklenmühle “in Zusmarshausen-Gabelbach.

After breakfast and a lot of petrol talk we started our tour (approx. 3 hours were planned) around the “Stauden”.


Visitors could see a lot of pre-war cars like Morris, Austin, Opel or GMC as well as other classic cars like  Mercedes, MG, Cadillac or Zastava.

Also some historical motorcycles and a truck arrived and completed the composition of classic vehicles.


During the tour Thorsten had a breakdown with his Austin after completing half of the tript hearing an abnormal noise coming from the engine (later on he found out it was a damaged piston). He had to bring the Austing back to the starting point by picking him up on the trailer..

Some of the cars were photographed by a professional Photograph for bringing the pictures to a planned calender.


Here you can see some impressions from this event.


This is the way. Or is this the way?

Cadillac (1963)
& Austin 10/4 (1936)

Austin 10/4 (1936)
Austin-Healey Sprite MK III (1965)
Mercedes Ponton
& MGB Roadster(1965)
Austin 10/4(1936)
& MGB Roadster(1965)
Zastava 750 LE (Fiat 600)
Austin 12/4 Light Eton 1935
& Morris Minor
Opel Rekord
GMC AC 100 (Pickup) (1939)
Morris 8 Series 1 (1935)
Mercedes Strich 8
& Morris 8 Series 1
Hmm, do i have switched off the ofen?…
… Why, does your car has an ofen?
Austin 12/4 Light & Morris Minor
Wonderful motorcycle. A NSU And a Benelli
Mercedes Ponton & Opel 1200 Mercedes W187 (1951)
Opel 1200 GMC